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From an aesthetically (not mathematically) complimentary angle:

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An oblique view from above; far enough away so as not to distort the car's lines.
Sure still looks great. Like a new car with nice reflections in the paint.
Always has looked like a much more expensive car. Remember when they first come out, people would come up and talk about the car and ask the cost. They were always amazed that it wasn't north of $100K. Not sure if it's that mid-engine design, but they even look fast when sitting still.
From this angle there's a slight suggestion of a Lamborghini convertible, not that I was trying to express that with this picture. That may be a result of the flat top surfaces and dramatic creases of the 981's sheetmetal, which could evoke a Lambo. My understanding is Porsche was actually evoking the 917 with its flat-topped fenders, etc.

Also, just as with conventional photographic portraiture, (think a head and shoulders shot,) one should use a mild telephoto lens, such as a 100 mm with the camera at a distance. This is so the sitter doesn't wind up with exaggerated features, especially their nose. Way back, the classic lens with a Nikon was their 105 mm. I used my phone's zoom feature so as to have the car fill the space better, while getting the relatively undistorted rendering.

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I had 74k I think on my Boxster when I sold it, but that was after 17 yrs! grinning smiley
Almost at 55K miles after 6 years and believe yours is now at 7 years.

I keep those miles down by not installing winter tires. smiling smiley
The dealer had a cocktail party and with the car parked right outside, one couple hopped in thinking it was a demo. winking smiley
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