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I researched and read that I should change my water pump. Car has 74,000 miles on it. Gates was recommended because of a metal impeller. Well, got my pump today. Is plastic
Impeller. Called the Gates factory. Said they no longer make metal impeller for their Boxster water pumps. I’m super annoyed...

I’m out 113$, or at best, gotta put the substandard Gates pump on it. Any suggestions? I heard OEM is also plastic...

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When the water pump bearing wears down the impeller blades make contact with the engine. If the blades are not sacrificial your expense will be much higher. There is absolutely nothing that is better about metal blades. They don't push harder and they don't make it last any longer (since that is not the part that wears).
Ok, so just replace it, and then probably good to go for another 70k?

Thanks for the info
I received my Gates pump in the mail. Part number 42579. Didn’t fit! The impeller touched the internals of the engine and wouldn’t spin freely. I Sent it back for refund.

I ordered a Geba pump, part number G3000848192GEB. I then wrote a note to the Geba company. They confirmed that a 996 and a 997 pump Impeller are different sizes. They also said, their pumps are metal impellers. I actually got the design sheet drawings for each impeller type, and a nice note from the CEO of the company explaining why metal is better! I’m impressed with that, if nothing else. I’ll install the Geba, and then remember in 70,000 miles to do it again, to avoid metal to metal contact.

Meanwhile, all the parts are supposed to be here today!

What was his reasoning?
They confirmed that a 996 and a 997 pump Impeller are different sizes.

That's news to me!
I've been working on these 986/996 cars for more than 20 years now and the part numbers for the water pumps are the same for both models.
They have issued several revisions, but the main part has not changed.
Part 996.106.011.51 (initially - for '97). Latest revision which fits all models is 996.106.011.57.
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Hey all, I I’ve cut and pasted the letter that the CEO of the company sent to me...

The part number of the original pump, if it’s 997 at the beginning, evidently that’s for a different car or engine? All I know is, the Gates 997 pump definitely didn’t fit my car but the Geba 996 did?
So, not sure what that means, or which car the 997 pump is for, but it would bolt on but, not spin without hitting. Looks like his 15008 part number is for a 2005-2008 911? So, essentially, I was sent the wrong pump, originally. Or, I had a 996 that someone accidentally put a 997 impeller on at the factory? The Geba 15007 is the correct part number for 1997-2004 cars. Btw, the tech drawings are really cool. Wish I could attach them.

The letter:
thanks for your Mail.
You are right, the diameter of the Impeller (water side) is different between 996 + 997!
Enclosed you will find our Drawing of the Impeller for our Pump 15007 and 15008 for checking.

We use a metal Impeller which we prefer.
For the other Components such as Bearing or mechanical Seals we use the same Configuration as the OE´s.
So you can follow the Instructions of OE´s for maintenance.
If you change the Pump it will be really important to flush the System and use a very high Quality of Coolant.
As long as I am doing the Water pump Business (29 Years) you have the Discussions plastic vs. metal!
For both Materials you have some advantages and also some disadvantages, but in general we have better experiences with the metal one.
Most of our US Customers don´t want to have plastic.

Enjoy the rides with your Boxter.

Best Regards


GEBA-Autoteile GmbH
Wiedstrasse 8
53560 Vettelschoss-Germany
Web: www.geba-autoteile.de

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I guess he is running a business and is giving people what they ask for but really I don't think his explanation holds water.
Yah could be. He does say ‘we have better experiences with the metal...’ not sure what that means...
So, when my water pump needed replacing (no coolant leak or dump, but I could hear the "tweety bird" sound of a failing bearing when I rev'd the car) a few years ago, I took it to my (at the time) indie. I never asked or specified which type of blades - plastic or metal - he would use. After the job was done, I asked and they said they use nothing by metal blades, have been using them for years with no issues. They service all German make, support our PCA region, and have a good reputation as far as I can tell..

When reading all the negative things about how the metal blades will contact the block when the bearing goes, I became somewhat nervous. However, I listen to and observe the this car - 2003 2.7L - carefully, and there have been no signs of failure. That being said, it has been about 34k miles since the pump was replaced and I'll probably proactively do it this fall. I will ask my new indie (I did change after getting a good referral from a club friend when the prior indie made a careless mistake not related to the pump) which type of pump they use first.

I'm somewhat on the fence, though, about the plastic vs. metal debate. I've read about overheating problems that resulted from broken plastic blades getting flushed and wedged in the cooling system. I think, perhaps the most important thing is to make sure the pump is changed at 40k or less as a preventative maintenance item.


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The first sign of impending failure is coolant leaking, which increases gradually until the impeller is making contact with metal.

An occasional inspection for cars with older water pumps will allow you to replace it before the impeller blades start causing problems. Sacrificial blades are for when you don't notice right away.

It's a judgement call but if you're relying on getting it early then the material doesn't matter.
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