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I'm replacing the coolant reservoir on my '01 986S due to the typical age-related cracking. I've read Pedros FAQ and watched a number of YouTube videos (some better than others). Aside from purchasing the spring-clamp cable tool (done!), looking for guidance / experience on how many of the five tubes need to be removed from the *engine compartment* side, vs those that can be removed from the *trunk* side? Pedros FAQ seems to indicate most/all can be done from the 'trunk' side but most of the videos I've seen show ppl focusing/struggling on engine compartment. Any pointers appreciated!

- JohnL
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I found having two people with the extended hose clamp pliers to be critical.
Upon replacement, I used standard jubilee clamps rather than the spring loaded ones. I found them much easier to control.

I think I got to almost all of the hoses from the engine compartment not the trunk.

I found it WAY easier to get in by removing the aluminum cross-brace on the passenger side. Even then, this was a terrible bear of a job. It took several hours and many curses.
Boxsterra - 8 months ago

Also, hose removal hooks are indispensable in a job like this. Just make sure not to poke it through the hose.
Yeah… horrible job. I got the extended hose clamp tool. lots of patience necessary… got it done tho so hopefully never again, if the tanks last 20 years…
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