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I've found out recently through questions posted on the main forum there are areas not covered, or covered in error, in the owner's manual. Specifically, although the manual recommends a brake fluid change every two years, there is no mention of bleeding the clutch. Also, the manual recommends consulting the dealer in the event of "marked loss of coolant" without defining how much that might be. Pedro let me know that the cooling system should be maintenance free. This is not an issue for Porsches alone. I had a BMW Z3 for eleven years, and learned via forums that the water pump should be replaced every 30K miles as a preventative measure, and that the "lifetime" transmission and differential fluids should be changed every 30K miles. I'm not sure what the interval should be for transmission fluid change for the Boxster, or what the best fluid might be.

In general, I'm thinking of a section where best practices would be listed, and information not covered in the owner's manual could be provided.

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