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It's still been pretty cool here during the last week. So, with BRBS just 2 weeks away, I decided it was a good time for a thorough cleaning and caress it with it's favourite "skin" car product, P21S. These cars sure have some beautiful curves.

It was mostly cloudy yesterday (raining today.) So, reflecting on the result.

In the garage.

A couple of cloudy outdoor shots.

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Still trying to figure out how to stuff into the frunk and trunk and not forget all my cleaning supplies.

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Still trying to figure out how to stuff into the frunk and trunk and not forget all my cleaning supplies.

Just do the same as you did last year. smiling smiley
That's a pretty blue car! Look forward to seeing it soon. Our car is in the shop getting a few things done for the trip to BRBS. Annual service and swapping out old GMG exhaust for a new setup. Maybe we won't have to wear earplugs this year drinking smiley

Got my mods done to the King's Scepter and Juliette's finishing with the Queen's. Trip down will start on 5/29 and 1st BRBS beers on Memorial Day with the gang smileys with beer

Rey, thanks I hope it will stay somewhat clean on the way down.
We will be there on Tuesday afternoon, look forward to a couple of cold ones on the terrace. hot smiley
Gonna detail the car the weekend before (weather permitting) with a full wash/clay/polish/wax (using the dual-action machine). Will check fluids and air-pressures. Debating doing an oil change as I'm about 2,000 miles away from my 5,000 mile scheduled change. Thinking I'll just change it when I get back. I also bought some water-less car wash from Griot's Garage that I can use while at our cabin. Have never tried this kind of product before.

Also trying to visualize the frunk/trunk packing method. This will be our longest trip (other than driving it back from Pedro's Garage) in the Box. Oh, I also bought a pair of Ultimate Cup Holders. Don't want to use the crappy in-dash ones for this long trip.
This works for us. I took these pictures when packing for our 18 day California trip. Wife gets trunk. I get frunk plus shared stuff with left over room.

Frunk, layer 1. Cooler, pail with cleaning supplies + some extra drinks, camera bag etc.

Frunk layer 2, my duffle bag + plus goody bag and odds and ends.

Trunk layer 1, wife's duffle bag, shoes, extra drinks and stuff

Trunk layer 2, clothing bag.

Then there's still room behind the seats and door pockets.

Next you'll be looking for even more stuff to bring to really fill up the car. (Awe shucks honey, I'd love for you to buy that, but there's just no place to put it in the car for the trip back.) All it takes is planning. winking smiley
Thanks, Guenther!

I have a rather large bag with tools and such (air pump, socket set, torx bits, tire plug kit, extra fuses, jumper cables, etc.) in the deep frunk. It takes up a lot of the available depth, so I think I may break that down and stow these items in nooks and crannies.
The bucket really takes up no room, because it's filled with things (car cleaning, drinks) I'm taking anyway. It just helps to organize them, plus I've got my own bucket to use.
Funding the Saudis
Ryan_K - 8 years ago
Today: Oil. Tomorrow: Brake / clutch fluid. Now, if I could only keep fluids off the floor for once.

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