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Tomorrow the old Box gets a pre-trip oil change and look over at my indie shop. She's only about 3k miles since her last change, but I'd rather "get er done" before the trip. This weekend will be spent packing and giving the car a nice detailing. We can't leave until Tuesday as my wife, Ellen, is a nurse and has to work Sat, Sun, and Memorial Day Monday (ugh). Monday night her cousin and his wife will drive down from southern Maine to stay overnight with us, and we'll leave in a two-car Cayman/Boxster caravan from Stoneham, MA at 7:00AM (after dropping our dog off at the doggie hotel). Our plan is to drive long and hard on day one and make it to Troutville, VA (outside of Roanoke) for a stay at a Comfort Inn. That'll give us time on day two for a more fun and twisty non-interstate drive into Little Switzerland, NC.

I also bought some water-less car wash spray from Griot's Garage and tried it out last night. The car had a coating of light dust and pollen, and the super plush microfiber towels that came with the kit did a great job of cleaning the car - without any scratching or swirling. I was nervous, but tried it on a small area first. The key is use the high-lubricant spray liberally, and to rub lightly in one direction - turning the towels frequently (8 folds to a towel). I followed with a quick detail (Speed Shine) wipe down. I even used the wash on the wheels. The car looked great and no water was used. I plan on using it at our cabin (walking distance to Switzerland Inn), which may not provide bucket and hose access - although the forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms and showers every single day of BRBS. Maybe the early arrivers can do a non-rain dance?

See everyone soon!

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