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Celebrating 10 years of PedrosBoard!

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Happy Anniversary. I found this Board before it was Pedros, back in early spring of 1998 when looking to buy a Boxster, which was my first Porsche (1998 Arena Red, Savanna beige, only mod was buying a wood shifter). Got me through the 6-month wait. Been a two-seater fan my whole life. Brought the Boxster with no test drive, as you couldn't back then because they sold every single one made to meet demand. Remember sitting in it for the first time after signing all the paperwork and it was like slipping on your favorite pair of jeans. Felt so natural.

-What Porsche first caught your eye? Green 914 when in grade school (early 70s). Didn't care that the other kids dissed it for being a VW (4 cylinder VW engine). It and a sky blue TR6 lived in our neighborhood. Remember watching them when clearing the street during street hockey and other games we played: "CAAAARRRRR!" Ah, being a kid in the early 70s.

- What was your first drive in a Porsche like? Not until I brought my '98. Lived in DC and brought it from a Wallingford, CT dealer (shorter wait). Took the AmTrak up. Drove it through the hills of western CT before hitting the highway to come back home). Made me feel like I didn't have a care in the world.

- Have you done any special drives / trips in your Porsche? On my 3rd Porsche and they've all been working cars, not garage queens. Been driven up along the Maine coast, VT mountains, Chicago for Cubs playoff games, numerous trips to see college football games to meet up with friends, and concerts out of state with friends and families, etc. If you've never done it, tailgating in a Porsche sports car is great, unless you don't like strangers wondering up to talk with you while you sit around drinking beer and listening to music. Nobody has ever messed with it (knock on wood). My commute to work is only 4 miles, garage to garage, so don't rack up too many miles, which means roadtrips don't pile the miles on.

- What do you like best about your Porsche? After having one in my garage for 22 years now, basically the same thing, the feeling it gives turning the key with your left hand and hearing the engine come to life. You know even a simple trip to the grocery store is going to be anything but ordinary.

- How many Porsches have you had? Three: 1998 Arena Red/Savanna Beige/black Boxster (no S's at that time); 2002 Speed Yellow/black/black Boxster S; and 2009 Aqua Blue/Grey/black Carrera S Cab, which is still in my garage.

Thank you, Pedro, for keeping the Board alive and thriving these past 10 years!
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