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I'd ordered my 13 Boxster S early in 2012, pretty much as soon as the configurator went live. Mine came in to the dealer a couple weeks before the U.S. release for the model, so I had to wait for June 28, 2012 to take delivery. The dealer had a release party for the new Boxsters, and after taking care of the paperwork, guests started showing up. My car was parked right in front of the show room, and at one point I saw a happy couple sitting in it, thinking it was a demo. I didn't get alarmed, but as a precaution, my sales guy put a SOLD sign on it.
After a couple thousand miles I had the oil changed and in September hit the road. 8500 miles later I was home, after traveling to all the remaining states in the lower 48 I hadn't been in yet, visiting friends and relatives, and seeing some achingly gorgeous places.
After about 40,000 miles I noticed the engine sound changing; getting deeper and more characteristic of the water-cooled naturally aspirated six. I don't know if this progression has plateaued, but at around 83,000 miles it's got all the beautiful growls, howls, and whirs I could ask for.
I keep thinking what I really need in life is no house, just a tank of gas, a credit card, and a post office box somewhere in the old geographic center of the country.
The ever-approaching Horizon and its Possibilities.
A peculiar sort of epicurean notion, eh?
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