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I have always been a sports car enthusiast and fan. I admired a friend’s early 924. I got to drive a 928 to the market once. A car pool friend owned a 914 that he drove to work. He let me once drive it on our way back home on a twisty residential road around the Rose Bowl. That hooked me on Porsche.

My first sports car was a 1971 240Z. I put over 200,000 miles on it before I grew tired of it. A friend & I rebuilt and tricked out the motor on it, including dual side draft Weber carburetors. It ran pretty good, but I soon wanted a car that was a true performer right out of the factory. So, I sold it to Nissan buyer for the factory buy-back program. I regret that decision.

Next up was a 3000 GT (not the VR4). A quick and good handling car. But again, not a Porsche.

I worked for a high rise construction company in Downtown LA and my supervisor had a 1971 orange 911 S. He rarely drove it to the construction sites. Now I realize why. I hope he still has it.

My introduction to the Boxster was at a family beach party. My cousin had a 1999 silver with red interior Boxster. She let me drive it around the Bolsa Chica parking lot. I was sold. I started to read more about the Boxster. The consensus then was that it was a fantastic car, but a bit underpowered.
It just so happens that the next Orange County Auto Show had the Boxster S premiere. They had this in shimmering black rotating around on an elevated platform. I spent the next hour admiring it while it went round and round. That started an earnest search to get one. I read every car magazine about the features of this more powerful model.

Next step was to get an allocation. There are lots of dealers in So Cal, but few had an allocation for the build. Those that did required a deposit. In the process I test drove a few base ’99 Boxsters, since the S was not produced yet. One test drive ended up on a flat bed, as the cooling system took a dump on the freeway. I placed my allocation at Circle Porsche in Long Beach shortly thereafter. I got only a few of the pricey options. My build was an Ocean Blue S, graphite grey interior, 6 speed. I was totally amazed when I picked her up at the dealership. Stunning color sitting in that showroom. I was afraid to drive it home, for fear of being car jacked. She turned heads every time I drove around town. I still get compliments to this day.

I learned about Porsche Pete’s Boxster Board during the build wait. I joined PCA OCR shortly after delivery. A bunch of other new Boxster owners joined OCR too. We would sit together at the monthly breakfast and take a drive afterwards. Some of the gang included Craig, Jeanine, Jamey, Chris, Rick Johnson, Rick B., Richard K., Joanne, Kirk & Kristy, Dave M. and Jose. I also learned about Robert's Malibu Canyon runs from PPBB. That went on monthly for a few years. I learned to drive twisties better by doing these runs. Just don’t go for fried food shortly thereafter as a few drivers did.

Those first few years I was all in. TBHL, West Coast Boxsterfest, joining up with fellow PPBBers for a trip to Yellowstone, driving top down whenever possible, chatting with and meeting the Babblers, PCA tech sessions, meeting Porsche enthusiasts from around the world (Frogster and others) and a Porsche factory tour while in Europe. I even attended a 2 day Porsche Driving Experience in Road Atlanta (I met a few Atlanta PPBBers there too). Got driving instruction from Doc Bundy and Hurley Haywood.

I met a lot of good people in the process of ownership and board conversations. Although the monthly drive gatherings and PCA OCR breakfasts have vanished (many sold their cars, moved, married, etc.), I value that special time we had together. I now hang out with the PCA Grand Prix group (Long Beach). I often take her up the California coast when I head up to the Monterey car week. Top down all the way!! This car and the convertible experience are amazing. I recently had to spend a lot to keep her going. Now she runs amazing again. I hope to keep this car as long as I am able. My neighbor wants me to leave it to her from my estate. I bet she would appreciate it. I took her on a drive once. Quite an impression.

I am thankful that Pedro and all have kept Pedro’s Board running, so that we can all share our friendship, experiences and car maintenance. PPBB and Pedro’s Board experiences has enriched my life. To another 10 years and more!

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