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This trip began over 20 years ago. It was 1999 and I was looking to get a new car fun car and 4 different manufactures had contenders, BMW, Honda, Audi, and Porsche. I read all of the reviews, and got the opinions of all of my friends and family, regardless if I asked or not. I even had a friend tell me if I got that car I could not drive everyone to lunch. I looked at him quizzically and said I’m not buying a car to take you to lunch.

I was never a big Porsche fan (yeah that was going to change), and all four on paper had their pluses and minuses. The Audi TT was front wheel drive so that was out. For me this was a big decision and i wanted to make sure this was the car I really wanted. I really wanted to drive them to get a good feel how the car drove. I wanted something more than the 5 minute test drive from a dealer who would be talking to me the whole time, and then I realized I live in LA and I can rent them and get a weekend test drive.
Well, it was a good idea at the time but they didn't have the Porsche or the Honda at the rental places. After test driving or renting all of the cars I chose the Boxster S. It was the only one that checked all of the boxes, and I ordered an '01 SYS. I got it in December of 2000, Merry Christmas to me lol, so this month my car is 20 years old!
During this time I also found Porsche Pete's and that where I met a lot of great people. We used to meet up and go on drives. It was a great time. 1 year I went to the Las Vegas get together and that was a lot of fun too. My wife and I would go driving every weekend up in the mountains or down at the beach and it was a blast. There is nothing better when the only thing on your mind is a beautiful day with the top down on a curvy road. I also started go to track days/weekends and it made me realize I'm not that good of a driver. It also led me down a dark road.

The road where you spend most of your time and money looking for how you can make your car go faster and handle better. I already got the car with the M030 suspension upgrade, but I can get adjustable coil overs and my car and it will handle even better? Is that even possible? When can I get it and how fast can I get it installed? I also went to a car meet and Borla was there and I spoke to one of the Borla's and he said I would get a free Borla if they could use my car as a prototype. Where do I sign up? The muffler was great, at first, but then after some time it would reverberate inside the cabin around 3000 rpm, not good.

I used it for a while but then switched back to stock if I still wanted my anvil and hammer. It sounded great at higher rpms though. I have done a few other modifications, but through all these years I still can't wait till the weekend in the twisties. It always brings a smile to my face. Thank you Pedro for continuing our community of great people and great cars, and the trip down memory lane

Here is the latest pic I have.
Re: What a ride!
db997S - 3 years ago
I had an '02 just like it. Used to attract bees whenever I washed it or waxed it. Attracted other attention, too. Wife and I drove it up to VT for a long, summer weekend once. Cruising on some nice back roads, top down and music playing, just enjoying the day. We were in a valley where the speed limit was 55, which I was actually doing. I notice a cop car coming from the other direction, no worries, except as he gets closer, he flashes his lights, sticks his arm out the window and give a pushing down motion. Can only assume he figured I was speeding. Gave a short buzz kill, but the day was too beautiful for it to last too long. Now, if he only saw me the day before on a newly paved part of interstate, that would have been a different story. Speed Yellow does rock. Probably drew more gas station conversations than my other two Porsches.
Re: What a ride!
frogster - 3 years ago
i had a similar situation occur. a cop standing on the side of the road telling me to slow down with a similar gesture to what you describe. the only problem was that i was behind a big truck in a line of traffic going well below the speed limit!
i can only assume that boxsters just looks like they're going fast no matter what, even when they're parked. eye rolling smiley

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige.
Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
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