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Hate to say it, but it's time. First Boxster 1999, traded in for RS60 which had everything I wanted (glass rear with up/down under 30, more power, heated seats, better headlights, plenty of other stuff that comes standard if you know these models). Had great fun with both Boxster, but after 20 years and turning 70, a bit of the thrill is gone.
Owner, one driver, 49K, all records and all work done by Taylor Chapman (Virigina, I live in Maryland, he is worth the trip).
It's the version with the dark grey interior not red.
Not a daily driver - that's my other "boxer" engine Outback. Never driven in snow or with salt on the roads, but caught in rain about 5 times. Kept under a carport, it's in very good condition.
I had an auxin added just after getting it, so while I can listen to music with it, it's not like CarPlay or anything like that.
The rear bearings were replaced 2 years ago (both sides).
I had the 60k service at 30k because it was 5 years old - plugs, coils, serpentine belt, etc.
Also replaced the water pump last year. It did not go bad, I did it as preventive service as 95% of my driving is for semi-long country rides.
Not sure what else to say. If you're interested, contact me at bfoster109@gmail.com
Happy motoring,
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