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How to remove a bumper Cover - 200-2004 986
grant - Wednesday, 8 August, 2012, at 9:10:48 pm
Maybe this should go elsewhere, in some archive......

The following instructions augment those in the Bentley 986 boxster service manual. The bentley service manual is correct ONLY for 1997-1999 boxsters (2.5L cars). There are many similarities but also many differences. I also hope this overview makes it easier for anyone doing this job. The manual is helpful nonetheless.

i apologize that many of my pics did not come out so i don't have all that i hoped to be able to include. Some of these are fuzzy. Fire the photographer.

Let's start with an overview. Its not hard, not terribly time consuming.

The most difficult part is aligning the spoiler on the pistons. I don't know why that is, and i don't know why he instructions are vacant on the topic. But if you bolt it back in the wrong position (there is play in the slots in the spoiler that the allen bolts go through) it will bind badly going up and down and could damage the mechanism. The best solution i found was to bolt it only loosely, raise and lower it a couple times, and THEN tighten - in effect let it align itself.

The 2nd most difficult part is re-installing the large bumper cover without assistance. Yet even that was only about a 10 minutes struggle. My best advice - don't be afraid to hit it with the palm of your hand fairly hard to set the tabs in the slots.

A few notes:

The bumper is one piece.

You must remove the following before it will come off:

1. bumper plugs (one allen key bolt accessed from below)
2. license plate and mounting (screws - obvious - really)
3. License plate lights (two screws each)
4. A bunch of screws - phillips and torx - along the bottom, under the spoiler, and one each in the L and R wheel wells

Disconnect wiring and pull off, trying not to scratch it when it falls off with a big clunk like mine did (still ok even then so relax)

The biggest deviation between bentley and reality is the spoiler cover. It talks about plastic rivets and pins. They don't exist on 2000-2004 cars. Rather, the painted cover has three molded in clips that grab the front (toward the car) of the spoiler structure. The back (toward the back of the car) is held with about 8 little tabs that grab around the bottom. So once you release the clips, it sort of pivots off, up and back. Voila.

spoiler cover showing clips:

Spoiler removed showing back metal plate with 3 screws. Note two spoiler pistons.

Next you remove the various hardware on the back - license plate and frame, bumper plugs, and lights. All come off with either a allen (6mm? - bumper plugs, from bottom access hole) or Phillips head screws. Easy. Bag and mark stuff.

Finally you get to the main event and remove the 9? screws that hold it in place. Once removed its simply an awkward but fairly simple matter or pulling it off.

Bumper Cover off - end state:

Straight back in my case. Fasteners are as follows:

3 screws under the spoiler
2 screws, one each, in each fender well
4 screws, two per side, lower right and left
2 screws, lower toward center (each side of exhaust)
2 screws sorta center upper cutout (see pic)
Some are phillips, some torx. See pics.

right bottom:

Center - upper section:

(missing: lower center)

Screw in right wheel well:

Installation is reverse of removal as they say, with the caveat to be careful of the alignment of the spoiler, as noted above. Aligning the bumper is a bit awkward, but only took me 5-10 minutes of failing and cursing. Not bad at all really. Without cursing i expect it would take much longer.

Questions - you know how to reach me!



Re: How to remove a bumper Cover - 200-2004 986
20BoxSter02 - Thursday, 9 August, 2012, at 5:19:18 am
smiling smiley "Without cursing i expect it would take much longer."
Nice. Definitely one for the home-made looseleaf manual. *NM*
Laz - Thursday, 9 August, 2012, at 11:46:37 am
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