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Blue Ridge Parkway is ready for us [pic]
hoppy44 - Friday, 24 May, 2013, at 10:15:05 pm
A friend of mine moved to Asheville last year, so with the ability to work remotely, why wouldn't I head down to NC a full week before BRBS and get in some extra driving. Went up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway for about 3 hours on Thursday. Both the drive and the weather were glorious. Figured I'd share a photo. Can't wait to see everyone.

I'm on my way !
Roger987 - Saturday, 25 May, 2013, at 10:08:46 am
Made it to Portsmouth, NH yesterday, Temps ranged from 70 degrees to 50 (now). Lots of rain. New Pilot SP2's installed on the front wheels this morning. Sure could have used them yesterday.

Only another 1000 miles or so to go. Looking forward to seeing old friends, and making new. smiling smiley
I'm in route to BRBS...... currently in Chicago
Joanne in OC - Wednesday, 29 May, 2013, at 3:41:43 pm
at OHare, my connecting flight was delayed. That just means another beer smiling smiley

See you all soon
Re: The Tail of the Dragon Was Fun
KevinR-MedinaOhio - Friday, 31 May, 2013, at 8:52:12 pm
Lots of motorcycles, but lots of Boxsters, too.

Driving a new-to-me '09S in Aqua Blue Metallic. It does .5 past light speed. I made the Kessel run in less than 12-parsecs.
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