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Hour and a half home from a trackday at Grand bend.... Arms and neck are looking pretty red....

Do you guys keep sunscreen in your boxster? What type?

We usually use the aerosol clear ones at the lake, but not sure if it will survive the heat of a black boxster if parked all day in the sun with the lid up and windows closed....
Just be careful with sunscreen getting on the soft plastic "paint" in the cockpit. It can damage or remove this wonderful high-tech finish.
I don’t think it matters much what brand you pick as long as you use it. Having the Boxster for 17 yrs and now the 911 Cab, I’ve had to get moles cut out by my dermatologist to check for skin cancer and that’s not fun!

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I keep a tube of Banana Boat Sport in the Boxster. I put it inside a plastic bag, just in case it leaks. I used to use Coppertone, but they changed the formula a couple of years ago and it started leaving a real mess on everything you touched in the car.
My wife keeps a baseball cap and a sun hat, and I keep a few different baseball caps behind the seats at all times. We also keep a "sport" tube of spf45 in a small backback (along with a few other items such as a first aid kit) in the frunk. My worry is how much the sunscreen degrades in the heat?


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my research on the webs indicates that SunScreen degrades in heat fairly quickly.... The degradation happens because:

1.the emulsion that is the sunscreen fails - separates and gets runny, and
2. heat breaks down the active component in sunscreen....

This makes sense, as a pharmacist, we have data on stability of different drugs at different temperatures,,, Generally, at room temperature they will get a certain dating, possibly in a fridge gets a longer dating..... Liquids and emulsions get the worse dating....

Looking at getting a small container that can clip to the key ring, that way, it's not stored in the car...

Also looking at a long sleeve sun shirt to tuck in the pocket behind the seat (similar to what the fishing guys use on YouTube), as well as a ball cap with the extra drape to cover the back of the neck....

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I don't keep it in the car but use it prior to driving. If I'm on a road trip, I just take it with me, but don't leave it in the car. Cars can get hot enough to warp plastic/cds. Sure it would "melt" sunscreen and then cause chemicals to separate as it turns from semi-liquid to liquid state. Always tell first time convertible owners when you see them in their car with the top down and a nice sunburn going.
I agree with applying sunscreen before heading out on a drive. If I'm going to be in the car much more than 15 - 20 minutes, I always apply before heading out.

I still think it's a good idea to keep a spare tube for the odd occasion when it's been a rainy day, then the sun comes out and you want to put the top down.

For storage, it might be an idea to keep in near the bottom of the frunk. It definitely stays cooler than the rear trunk.
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When I got my first Cab I left the sunscreen in the car it got so hot it leaked out and made a mess in the glove box so put it in a zip lock. Another option is long sleeve Columbia shirts UV rated they do the job without the sunscreen mess getting on the car or having to reapply.
I've decided to get sunscreen sleeves.... They have them on amazon...

I'm going to look for a hat that has the little Cape at the back.
- i'm addicted to Amazon prime...

red neck preventer.


I will likely order a 2nd pair of sleeves for wife (just in case she ever rides with me)
4 hour rounds give a lot of potential exposure. Similar to a 250 mile drive with the top down.

My dermatologist keeps taking samples of skin from my left arm. Can you guess if I drove a LHD or a RHD car?
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