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I just was wondering if any of you can hear a faint cycling chirping at low speeds on your boxsters?

I am wondering if it's because I removed the clips on the back of the brake pads that seat into the pistons? and it's just a little play of the brake pads in the hardware while driving down the street....

I removed the dampening clips because I change pads and wheels the night before I go to the track, and the extra hardware just gets in the way....

I believe the sound goes away if I apply a bit of brake, but it's hard to tell... If I go above 25mph, the wind noise overcomes any chirping I might hear.....
I don't use the stock vibration dampers, they can stick in the caliper pistons. Instead I use vibration damping compound on the back of the pads. They tick to the pistons, which makes them pull away from the disks when you release the brakes.

To make it short. Yes, it is your pads touching the disks. Do what I did and the problem will go away.
Is that the blue compound that dries a bit tacky and then a bit rubbery?

I tried that the 1st time I swapped to and from track pads, found it stuck to the seals around the piston a bit, and then I was worried about tearing a seal..... I can live with the noise, I was just trying to figure out what it was... didn't sound like bearings, and didn't sound like a CV joint....

thanks for the response.

The one I use is orange, but it sounds like its the same stuff. Works like a charm for me with all my cars. Have never had a problem with it.
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