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Celebrating my Boxster's 20th birthday today (Production date 7 July 1999). Enjoying my 16th year of ownership having logged some 50K miles as the second owner. It's a long way from Uusikaupunki to Montreal via Chicago and Indianapolis but the car is still running strong with just north of 90K total miles and still chopping the original plastic window! Celebration run on the highway today at 100 ... (kph). Can't imagine parting with my first Porsche although I am hearing the siren song of the new Spyder ...

Happy birthday to your Boxster.

Your pictures remind me about the beautiful, timeless design of the Boxster. 20 years and your car would still pass for a new car. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your Boxster another 20 fantastic years.
that's a milestone indeed. congratulations. my old boxster will be 20 next year. hard to believe it's been that long since i picked it up.
when i left switzerland ten years ago, i sold it to a friend with 70k km. he still hasn't passed 100k km!!! the car is doing well and he still loves it.
it still looks great too.

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige.
Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
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Mine has to be quickly approaching 20yrs. as well.
I obtained copies of all the service records (4 year lease) from the original dealership in Chicago when I had them do the pre-buy and the production date was on the invoices. As it happened, the mechanic that performed my pre-buy inspection had also done the original new delivery checks four years earlier!
Always good to see them still going strong after 20 years. I've often wondered what happened to my first Porsche ('99 Arena Red purchased new in Oct. '98). Still get nostalgic about it. Traded it in for an S in 2002. Times I wished it was still in my garage. Enjoy your under-powered, chick car. Wonder if it still has that stigma?
Actually, it's been a few years since I heard any of those "but it's a chic or hair dresser's car" type comments. (For the record, I'm sure that any gal, regardless of profession, can wring the most from any generation of Boxster.) Now I just mostly get a double take when they find out its age! Five speed manual by the way ... too much fun winding out that melodious NA 2.5 now and again!! Did I mention the original plastic rear window? Back in the Porsche Pete days ... there were some car care instructions posted by someone that included using some type of special diapers to clean and polish the rear window. I still remember those apparently serious instructions even though I never resorted to that procedure. Keeping the dust off and Plexus now and again seems to be doing the trick. Also, a lint roller for the top ... fabric is still very good.
I remember when I hit break-in mileage in my Boxster and wound out the engine past 4,000 RPMs. That howl was amazing. Loved to do it to unsuspecting passengers. Something about working those gears in "underpowered" cars at times is more joy than more powerful cars where you can be lazy and use mainly the right peddle. That being said, was in heavy stop-and-go traffic for a good three hours in my '09 997S when I hit an open exit that happened to be about a half mile straight. Dropped it a gear and sunk into the seat as took it to almost redline. Not nearly the same sound without an air intake so close to the cabin, but still a fun way to work off the frustration of the trip.

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