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I am not sure Porsche was ever really independent. The Peich family owned large chunks of Porsche and VW and considered them complimentary components of their investment portfolio. They rarely competed head on with product and have always shared parts such as electrical connectors and such. However, given Porsche expansion of product into new markets (for them), they immediatly coordinated with VW ala Cayenne... same chassis. Simple collusion between one family's investment portfolio for the family's common good.

Bruce in Philly
Grandson of the founder. He was the family member who developed the 906 qnd 917 while in charge of Porsche racing. Porsche would have been better off being guided by "the engineer" who went on the develop the Quatro then the "designer" and Ferry probably knew that when he pulled family members from the day to day operations.

His Father Anton helped found the company.


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Long-time cooperation. I can remember back in the early 70s, the rap on the 914 four cylinder was that it was a VW. Think some of the 924s had bunch of Audi parts, too.
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