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Porsche is part of VW. It is not an independent company.

I felt differently about the SUV's when Porsche was independent. I said publicly that I did not care if they sold toothpaste so long as it allowed them to remain an independent company.

WW played a financial game. He lost and almost went to prison. The Porsche/Piech family then went to war with each other.

Not sure if we are in a better place or not. That said, the SUV's might be goood or even great. But they are not Porsches. Porsches are sports cars. The other stuff should have had another name. But they don't.

I still suspect many folks buy them just as a status symbol. That is true of the sports cars too, but SUV's are a different kettle of fish.
It's hard to see where things are going, but the enthusiast market brings customers in to the Porsche dealer. It reminds me of how the Corvette contributes to the GM and Chevrolet brand in ways that are hard to quantify. I just sold our 2008 Corvette with all the good track options because it spent too much time in the garage. I don't miss it nearly as much as I do our stored Boxster, but I had some good track days with Corvettes.
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