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My 2000 Boxster has a rear sliding cover storage area between and behind the seats. Does anyone have/know of a quality jump start battery kit that will fit into this enclosure?
I have a weego 22 and it works well, so far I have only used it to jump start our CRV. One thing to note if the battery is totally dead it will not jump start the car, the device needs to sense some level of charge in order to allow a jump.

I purchase based on a review on wire cutter. [www.nytimes.com]

Just checked the website it seems they have solved the totally dead battery issue with a button that bypasses the voltage detection

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I ended up buying this one:
NEXPOW 2000A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0 (Up to 7.0L Gas or 6.5L Diesel Engine), 12V Portable Battery Starter, Battery Booster with Built-in LED Light
from Amazon.

Without the case it will fit in the shelf behind the driver - with the case it is too big. Since I have a non-electric latch for the front trunk, I just tossed it in there.

Peace of mind (or my mind in pieces) for $70.

Boxsterra - 2 years ago
the front trunk levers are locked when you arm the immobilizer so if your battery dies you won't be able to easily get into the front trunk to jumpstart the car (unless you've already rerouted the release cable, in which case nvm).
I believe you can get into the car using the key to open the driver's door and then use the cigarette lighter socket to open the front trunk. You would need an adapter between the lighter socket and the battery. This should not be used to start the car, just for access to the front trunk.
The cigarette lighter connection only works if the battery is just weak and allows the circuit to charge it a bit.
If the battery dies, no matter how much juice you send through the cigarette lighter, it won't do a thing.
It's ALWAYS (as Boxsterra said above) a good thing to route the emergency cable to the tow hook hole.
Do in now. If you don't, you may regret it one day.
The only cars that can kind of get away without doing it are the older 986s that have the cable-operated latches instead of switches.
Even if the car was locked when the battery dies, you can mechanically open the driver's door and manually disable the mechanical lock on the latch in order to open the frunk.
Happy Boxstering,

BTW last night on the Jimmy Fallon Show, he was making a big deal out of the word frunk.
Apparently that's what Ford is calling their front trunk in the new full electric F150.
Since there's no engine, Ford designed a frunk!

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i'm sure there are loads of them screaming about Ford's appropriation of the term.

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Responding to my own post.

This little battery has come in handy. I've jump started a number of people's cars (but I've never had to use it on the Boxster).

In one day during the summer I jump started 3 different cars; thought I had a 4th, but they had a broken hose or something so I couldn't help .

Even though I have AAA, I'll keep one in my cars from now on.

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