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Hello everyone, I think my clutch is starting to go. When I start it up cold and put it in first, it is hard to engage it cleanly and it stutters and little. Sometimes I stall it. This will not happen once it is warmed up. I have not taken it to a shop yet but thought I would ask here first. The old girl is also having a compressor issue. At first i thought it might be the fan because it sounded like the fan was hitting something and would go off when I turned off the fan, but then thought let me turn off the compressor and see what happens, well the noise went away. I still love this car but she is old, she is an 01 with 125k miles on her. I've had many good miles and memories with her. Thanks for letting me vent.
It's easy to do and if it hasn't been done in 125k miles, disengagement will be dicey.
It has been done but probably not for 60k miles or so. I will check this out. Thanks
Boxsterra - 2 years ago
While bleeding the clutch, the pedal should be held to the floor
What about a motive power bleeder?
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