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Hi everybody. I'm new and proud owner of 97’ bolster. Since I've bought it I'm fighting with the windows issue.
The windows opening well: close/open, drop down when open doors (outside and inside) but when I unlock top only the passenger wi down drop down
hello, and what no one has an idea for my problem?
It makes it clear once again: both the driver's and front passenger's windows react to the opening of the door both outside and inside. They also react to electric opening with Buttons. When I open the roof The passenger's window lowers and the driver's window remains stationary.
Could it be the fault of the relay?
I checked all the micro switch
frogster - 2 years ago
i'm sure you'll get an answer soon. please be patient.

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Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
We don't know much about bolsters, I guess. (Sorry)

Frogster is right, someone here just might have had that happen to them, and they might have something to share that might help you. But this is a Boxster forum, full of people enjoying their cars and sharing what they can. "Hello and what no one has ..." seems like you feel an entitlement to an answer that is not forthcoming. The additional information you gave may well lead to your answer. Hang in there.
If your in despair, how about bringing it to your indi or porsche dealer and reporting back the what the problem was?
"how about bringing it to your indi or porsche dealer" - Oh thank you very much ! This is the tip I've been waiting for.
My local Indi capitulated - he's a great mechanic but referred me to my local Porsche dealer for that. This is a place that I avoid with a huge gap until I win the lottery; And then I will buy a brand new Porsch and I won't have such problems
Thanks for the consolation -winking smiley. Bolster - this is when my iPhone mixes up for correction. Jokes aside: indeed I am desperate to find a solution and my «nobody? »It's a cry of despair -winking smiley. of course, I checked the microswitches and it seems fine. I spent many hours on the net without finding an answer. please forgive my impatience
Boxsterra - 2 years ago
Which microswitches did you test and how did you test them?
Does the driver's side window make any sound (click, clunk, anything else) when it's supposed to go down or is it completely silent?
Re: Microswitches
Judym - 2 years ago
Hello, the roof microswitch, the one in the central part above the windshield I replaced with a new one; This one in plastic housing at the drivers side left shoulder, mounted just behind the base of the roll bar works fine (I checked); I only have to check The one that is in the roof rack at the back, but logically it works well because otherwise the roof would not open. When it comes to micro-contactors in the door, they clearly work well - opening / closing the door both from the outside and inside causes a slight opening of the glass.
The lock in the driver's door has been replaced. (central locking problem) The only element that remains, in my opinion, a suspect is a double relay, but is it possible? I do not really understand its operation and unfortunately I do not have anyone in the neighborhood who could lend me a relay to check it.
Any suggestions are appreciated
One enables the top to operate and the other causes the window to drop. As strange as it may sound, if the latter is malfunctioning, sometimes one window will go down and not the other due to the unpredictable nature of bouncing electrical circuits.

The window drop feature is controlled by a single signal from the relay that is sent to both window motors. So if one window is going down, the problem is not the relay. It is either the microswitch (see above) or a problem with the signal wire that goes to the driver window motor or its connector. Since the driver's door latch has been mucked with I highly suspect that if the problem isn't the microswitch (my top guess) that the problem is in the driver's door, perhaps a corroded or improperly seated window motor connector.
Re: Microswitches
Judym - 2 years ago
... and of course I forgot: the window on the driver's side, when it should be slightly lower when opening the roof, remains motionless and I do not hear any sound
Re: Microswitches
Judym - 2 years ago
Hi again,
One more thing: when I close the roof and the windows are closed, the passenger window slides down a bit like when opening (the driver's side remains motionless as usual), but at the end when the roof is closed (and manually locked) it stays open. Shouldn't it close?
Boxsterra - 2 years ago
When you pull on the door handle (interior or exterior) the window on that side should drop a little bit (1" or so). If you release the latch without opening the door it should immediately go back up. If you open the door, it should stay dropped until you close the door, and then it should go up. The purpose is to allow the window to go up into the rubber molding when the door is shut.

When you unlatch the convertible top, both windows should drop by about 4". In the 1997 car, if you relatch the convertible top, the windows don't go back up automatically. You have to do that manually. The auto up feature was added in later model year cars (in MY 2000, I believe).

From your description I'm not sure I understand the behavior. Can you clarify?
Re: Clarification?
Judym - 2 years ago
the windows behave exactly as you describe (except that the driver's side window does not respond to the opening of the roof).
When I pull on the door handle (interior or exterior) the window on that side drop a little bit; If I release the latch without opening the door it immediately go back up.
If I open the door, it stay dropped until I close the door, and then go up.

When I unlatch the convertible top, only passenger window drop
You also answered my question - should the windows automatically close when closing the roof. Now I know it's not in my model ('97)
After your explanations which made me sure that "The window drop feature is controlled by a single signal from the relay that is sent to both window motors" I will disassemble the door panel to look closely at the wiring because I think you are right and the problem may be due to the lack of connection between the relais and the motor
Tomorrow I'll roll up my sleeves and check.
Also relevant
Boxsterra - 2 years ago
Pictures of the X12 plug (shown in first diagram) and how to access it. This is the passenger side but the driver's side (X11) is the same, except white in color.


I would start here because you don't know if the problem is before or after this point and it will save you time. Specifically I would test that Pin 5 on the X11 plug and the X12 plug are connected to each other, as the wiring diagram says. If they are then the problem is in the driver's door. And if not, it's between the relay and the door connector.

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Re: Also relevant
Judym - 2 years ago
Thanks a lot. I appreciate
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