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My 2005 987 Boxster suddenly developed this problem. The rear trunk won't open. It doesn't even make a noise. Nothing. I replaced the door sill mounted switch with a new one, but no luck. It's still totally dead. Two questions I have are:

-Is there a mechanical way to open the rear trunk? I would think that Porsche would have to install some sort of mechanical opening system in case the electric actuator in the trunk failed. Assuming there is a back up mechanical system, how to I access it and use it? There is tons of info available on the internet about the 986, but not much at all on the 987.

-Anyone have any ideas on diagnosing what the issue may be? It's not the door sill mounted switch.

I just had a "DUH" moment. I never did check the fuse, no idea why I forgot this. It was blown. Just for curiosity I put the old switch back in and it did NOT work. My guess is the switch shorted out when it went and took the fuse with it. My bad, I guess I just had a brain cramp.
Maybe you posted early, but that is not a problem.

Someone likely would have posted a checklist and the fuse would have been on it. So you win
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