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This is a great Porsche to own if you can find one. The sound is fine if you keep it above 3000 RPM. No turbo lag, again if you keep it above 3000 RPM. I am still in the "running-in" mode until 2000 miles are on the clock, so it will be awhile before I can give a more complete evaluation. I do like the PASM. With a little care, the lower ground clearance has been no problem. I haven't seen anything above 17 psi on the boost gauge except for one unintentional run to 5000 RPM when my enthusiasm got the best of me.
Sounds Great SteveJ .We need to see Pics! Please.

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Looking forward to your eval which should also mostly apply to the 718 Boxster T. I think about that car whenever I price out the Spyder on the configurator! Even then, a few options gets my Boxster T to over $90K Cdn!

1999 Forest Green Metallic / Black / Black - (5 speed manual) with snazzy but no-fun-to-clean Sport Classic wheels.

PS: Happy Canada Day!

Need to rev the engine at higher RPMs was the major complaint against the Honda S2000, which was supposed be the Boxster killer. Not like my 2009 997S that spits and snarls at start up. Did see a parked 911 T a month or so ago, so not certain about its note. Only modern Porsche T of any kind I've seen. Nevertheless, a Porsche sports car is a Porsche sports car. Enjoy the ride.
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