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I just got a notice in the mail about a class action lawsuit settlement for certain Porsche owners. Has anybody heard of this or had experience with it? They cite a web site to go to, but I am always leery of such sites that want personal info to register a claim.

Current Love: 2008 RS60; 1st Love: 2001 base, triple black
Thanks for the link - very helpful. I got a notice in the mail from the law firm (not Porsche) so my radar was up. Other Perks Board members might want to check it out. I intentional have not listed the URL, but can if requested. i didn't want to give the impression I am pushing this program, just curious.

BTW, I've not contributed to the Board in a long time but am always lurking. Usually only post if I have something to add to the convo....

Current Love: 2008 RS60; 1st Love: 2001 base, triple black
I went to the web site and found a whole list of cars on the action. Found what my year on the list and submitted a claim. Don't know what will happen but can't hurt I guess.
Golly, it doesn't stretch back 22 years to cover my car. Bummer! smiling smiley
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