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Cranking up the way-back time machine on this fine St Patrick's Day morning ... and only 3 days until spring. Alas the roads here in Quebec won't be fit for Porsche driving for another month but it won't be long now. Looking forward to my 19th season of Boxstering and hitting 100K miles soon on my '99.

So, two photos. The top photo shows me at Joe Rizza Porsche in Chicago on January 9th, 2004 at the completion of my pre-buy inspection. I actually purchased the car from Carmart USA but by some happy coincidence, I selected this dealership to do the pre-buy where I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Nash in the service department ... he's at my left. On my right is Paul Bennett who actually completed the pre-buy inpsection. Incredibly, I found out after he completed the work that he had also done the pre-delivery inspection on the same car 4 years earlier when it was handed over to it's only other owner on a lease!! I had some work done before returning to Carmart to complete the purchase including new oil filler neck tube, resealed six cam cover bolts and purchased the battery maintainer that I'm still using all these years later!

Now for the second photo and story. The second snap shows me taking the car out for my first top-down drive on February 29th, 2004 ... something I will never do now that I'm back in Canada! The photo is taken in front of the service entrance of the Bentley of Zionsville car dealership. I had been living in Indianpolis since 2000 and Zionsville is just north of the city. I first learned about this famous dealership back in the 1980's when I read an article in a car magazine about the Albers Rolls-Royce dealership in Zionsville. My whole career was spent with Rolls-Royce and I was at home in Montreal when I read that article that had been circulated to various RR offices in North America. It really interested me to read about that car dealership and it's owner Herman. At the time I had no idea where Zionsville, Indiana was ... and ... little did I know that 20 years later I would be living in Indianapolis for 11 years!! During my years in Indianpolis, I eventually introduced myself to the Bentley dealership salesman who invited me to join him on a tour of the dealership. Small world!

Great story. Sounds like a special relation with you Boxster. Lots of history. It's something enjoy.

Thanks for sharing those great pictures.
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