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On my birthday this week, I had the pleasure of watching the odometer roll through 100,000 miles! While I was out that day, I happened across this green Boss 302 Mustang and had to take a picture ... the owner said the colour is called "Gotta Have It Green"!! My Forest Green metallic 1999 Boxster will celebrate its 24th birthday in July ... still going strong. Also on my birthday (NBC) ... the 10 speed bicycle that I received as a gift when I was 16 turned 50 on the same day as my birthday so I rode it about 26 km's to mark the occasion. We're coming on some fine top-down weather here in southern Quebec.
PS: And how about that excellent orange PBX hat eh!

Beautiful looking car. Congratulations on all the milestones. At almost a quarter century old, your car is an excellent example of what I love about Boxsters. It's such a timeless design. Wishing you a lot of great topless weather with lots of permagrin filled miles.
Couldn't agree more! I recently attended a Porsche Cars-n-Coffee event and I think I was the only 986.1 in attendance and definitely the only car with Forest Green Metallic paint! Also, I may have been the only participant sporting the world famous PBX hat eh!

Either one of you two(Petee and Indybox)100K mile guys had the IMS bearing replaced?

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I am also at 100K miles. Just hit 160083km after my post oil change test drive.

01 black S
I had the original dual row IMS retrofit bearing from LN Engineering installed in August 2010 when the car had 67297 miles. This was a preventative measure taken before I relocated from Indianapolis back to Montreal in 2011. The original bearing appeared to be OK when we removed it and there were no other signs of engine distress.

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