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Noticed a drop or 2 of oil where I park my boxster. Just brought it out of winter storage a couple weeks ago.

Did my 14K km interval oil change today and investigated.

The oil leak is coming from the gear shifter seal where it enters the tranny on the passenger side (right side)

Is this a common occurrence on a 22 yr old car? I believe the plan will be to monitor it.

There was no noticeable oil mark where I had the car stored for 6+ months over the winter.

I will put a sheet of cardboard under the boxster where the spot is.
Drive the car and get it good and warmed up. I've experienced leaks after long storage and after a few good heat cycles found that they went away.
The trans bushing leak is very common. I have lived with it since I bought the car. I do a periodic level check at the fill plug and have only had to top up once in 10 years and it was only a few ounces. The fix is prohibitively expensive since the tranny has to be pulled and opened up from what I have heard. That’s why I just live with it.
I had the same oil leak on my 2001S. When I took it to the dealership and showed it a couple of the
mechanics, they said they just fixed one with the same leak. That Porsche didn't make a repair for that
seal and you need a new transmission bell housing, at the time $850. I got them to fix it under the warranty
even though I was just a couple of months out of warranty period. Haven't had the problem since, thank god.
I wonder if it is a fairly common problem, since other people have had the same thing.
What year & model is your ride? 5- or 6-speed?
1997 986 - Wolfi
Yankton, SD

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Yes, it's a 2001 Boxster S with the 6 speed.

It's been parked in the garage over cardboard, and really only driven once or twice a week.

The drip marks on the cardboard haven't really changed much over the past few months, so maybe it stopped dripping?
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