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Products for your Boxster, Cayman and Carrera.
This is a big Porsche anniversary at 75.
I guess for a few people on this board, we still have our cars at around the 25 year mark.

Here's my car when brand new in May 1998 -- 25 years! And a couple of photos of it in current form at Laguna Seca.

I'll be racing it at Rennsport Reunion VII in the PCA Club Racing group.

It is not on the first (or 2nd or 3rd) engine at this point, but is still in great shape!

I would think the hardtop adds a lot of weight. I know that it makes the car feel top heavy - at least with respect to the 2 or 3 times I have driven one with the HT on.

Then again, I i were racing, I might prefer steel above my head rather than canvas.

Just wondering if it was your idea or not.

Oh, and my Arena Red is in its 24th year as it would have been manufactured in summer/fall of 1999. (Never did get the exact date, although I am sure I could).
For Spec Boxster ( SPB ) the rules require the roof -- either the factory hardtop (which you can gut to lose weight) or an aftermarket fiberglas replica like the one I have. I think the fiberglas top is only around 10 lbs. though I'm not sure if that includes the lexan rear window. The stock hardtop (which is plush and nicely soundproofed with heated rear glass) is around 50 lbs. if I recall, but when you remove all that interior stuff it cuts the weight down significantly.

There are classes where I've seen open top (but caged) cars, like the Mazda MX-5 cup, but SPB is not one of them.
i’ll be wearing my “boxsters kick ass” t-shirt
It's a classic!
(For the viewing public, the wearer of said t-shirt in this photo is ROCBXTR. I believe we are all smiles because it was before the event unfolded with 6 cars starting the F1 race the next day...)

Smart to have the exhaust tip pointed away form the sound station at Laguna. I got caught @ laguna in a formula ford race qualifying and had to start form the back.
With PCA we run 103db days there and my race exhaust, which is nothing special, is apparently teetering on or over the edge of that, so I need to bolt on the elbows at Laguna. It's really simple and effective for what I need. For some reason, even though Thunderhill and Sonoma Sears Point have a 103db limit all the time, I don't have issues there at all.

Unfortunately, one time I exited the car right after a race and while still helmeted walked past my rear bumper without looking down and put a pretty nasty gash in my shin... words were spoken.

The stock muffler is around 87db so that's my backup on the occasional low-db day with other groups.

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