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I have an 01 S and I wondering if it is a battery issue or alternator or.... issue. Basically, if I run errands in the Boxster when I get in the car and start it, it strains to start. It does start on the 1st try but... It does not happen when I start it for the first time of the day or when it has sat for a few hours. I have also charged the battery overnight and it took a full charge, but it still had issues starting after I did that. I think it is not the battery since it starts fine in the morning and maybe it is the alternator? Any suggestions?

i’m not informed on possible reasons for this, but my approach, if your battery is over a few years old, head to costco and pick up an interstate h6 or h7 94R agm and try that. cheap and easy troubleshooting step #1

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That's what I was going to do at first but then had a question... Thanks
Here is a test that will tell you if it's the battery. Turn on all your electrical (radio, blower, lights...). Now try to start. A good battery should be able to start the car.
There is such a thing as a load test that any proper battery shop should be able to do. A special tool/meter does this. Amazon has em for as low as $47. Takes 5 minutes.
Remove the battery AFTER placing a towel over the lock/latch mechanism.

Have them check it. If over 5 years, expect to replace. I have the autozone brand in my cars and they have been fine. Get the gold or whatever the best version is. I think it goes to warranty, but...

The cars do seem to burn through batteries in my experience. I assume because of downtime? But I cannot guess.
@ Autozone, any like parts shop, or any automotive battery retailer. Also check cables as Pedro points out as well as the connectors of the cables to the battery i.e., check for tightness, corrosion, etc.
If so, the problem is either a bad connection to the battery or a bad battery. Test the battery before replacing.
... or a bad starter cable (very common on 987s, not so common on 986s).

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