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So, I believe I was quoted $800 or so to sew in a new plastic window into my 2000 - my plastic is translucent at best and split in several locations (it lasted 22-23 years, so good for it!).

I'm seeing quotes for new plastic window tops in the $600-$900 range.

Who has experience with these? Any material better than others? Any company a better fit/better looking than others?

I like the larger plastic window versus the smaller glass.

My mechanic's boss has a replacement with glass - I don't think he's ever been happy with it. It looks like it *almost* fits correctly.

This one is available for $719 and free shipping.

$849 with a5 material

Obviously lots of others.

Looking for fit/finish and same operating mechanics.

Thanks for the thoughts.

I like to install the GAHH A5 and A5 Acoustic.
The fit really depends on the installer's experience.
It's easy to leave wrinkles and only practice eliminates them.
Get a pro installer that has done more than 30 and you'll be fine.

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Merci, sir.
May be an issue locally finding someone with that kind of experience - any idea in NY/NJ/CT area?
Any idea of time/cost for install from an experienced installer?
Any new parts I should order/they should order to replace while the top is off? Cost thereon? Again, it's a 2000 base with the original top (which is in good shape, but the plastic is shot).

Much appreciated.



Maybe this? I didn't call their toll free number to inquire but good idea for you to call them.


Or this?

quite pricey, but what isn't anymore? If I needed a new top or if Wofi's plastic window finally gives up the ghost, I would go this route.

So, I pulled up my really old links from when I was looking to replace the plastic only (a few years ago).
Rydon Auto and Glass came recommended then from 'someone' (that info is long gone).

They can get the GAHH A5 black with plastic window for $865 + shipping and their total cost is $1,375. This means that their installation is $1,375 - $865 + shipping or ($510 + shipping).
I can get the same top from GAHH's website for $849 w/free shipping - they are fine having me order the top.

$849 + $510 = $1,359 + tax.

Another provider (Willow Grove Auto Top) quoted me $2,475 for the same top installed.

Obviously I need to check out Rydon's current reviews/info, but that's pretty much a no-brainer to me. I watched a few of the DIY installers and quickly realized the videos were closer to fantasy/science fiction for my skillset.

I'd be a little afraid of the $299 version on eBay (in addition to not wanting the vinyl material).

So now, in my typical manner, I'll continue to analyze this forever before pulling the trigger.

Anything I may not have considered?


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It was around the price you are quoting, but there was a significant shipping fee. Perhaps as much as the top itself.

I do not like the aftermarket glass tops, but the OEM has been great. It was an easy swap.

If you are set on a plastic window, I recall someone took it to a boat fitter. They did the work in situ.

No idea on cost or anything - it was quite some time ago.
I installed a new top off of Amazon back in late 2019. It was the glass window.

Wasn't too bad, probably took a few days to complete, and then a gentle restretch along the sides to remove any wrinkles.

I did have a bucket full of clamps from various other projects.
Boxsterra - 9 months ago
I've had good luck finding used OEM glass window tops by searching on car-part.com (2003, convertible top, sort by part grade, all areas ā†’ soft top, roof ā†’ search)

You can get ones in very good condition for $6-800 and installation is quite straightforward (bolts right in). In terms of results for the $ this is the best option IMO.

I can't remember which year they switched over to the new convertible top transmission but if yours is the old style then additional adjustments will need to be made to accommodate that.
I thought Iā€™d need new everything down below.

The only modification I had to make was to fabricate a limit switch, which AFAIK is the only compatibility-relevant difference for a retrofit.
Swapped with no issues at all. No fabbing - nothing.
are the 2003, 2004 the only years?

The 2003 I got quoted looked as though it had been abandoned in a swamp since 2003. The car it was on had a tree growing through it.

There are a series of 3 zip files which show how to do the 2003-2004 top swap to an earlier Boxster. You find a '03-'04 top complete with frame and do it. Not easy to find to top in good condition as lets face it, the donor car is old.

The other option is an aftermarket glass window top on your existing frame. Not nearly as easy to install and pricey to pay a professional to do it.

The third option is find a wrecked older Boxster that can donate a glass window top because it already had the "upgrade"..
before that was plastic and after that it was a 987

You can find lots of used ones for sale using the used parts search engine car-part.com
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