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weather damage
Ed B - 11 months ago
On August 4th, we had a major lightning strike a large pine about 20 feet from the kitchen. Nancy was in the. kitchen but didn't jump high enough to dent the ceiling. Took a 100ft crane to remove what was left of tree. Minimum damage to house. structure
Destroyed phone/internet system, FM antenna, TVs dish system, a TV, Solar hot water and furnace controls, several electrical circuits, most of the battery maintainers in the separate garage. No Porsches damaged!, Damaged the 20kw generator. The next evening we had a power failure. Nancy has COPD and depends on an oxygen concentrator. No power, no oxygen. She has a small battery powered portable one that lasted until power was restored, The hospital is only a couple of blocks away if needed.

Phone/Internet systems are repaired. DISH people gave us a hard time. Fired them, going to cable. Generator sent tech not trained on diesel generators. Different tech this week. Still no electrician.

Our only source of heat now is a wood stove .Lot of wood to split and stack.

Ed sad smiley
Re: weather damage
Laz - 11 months ago
Wow! I presumed it would be a case of some sort of car damage, hail, etc.
This is at least an order of magnitude worse, and would be more if there were health consequences.
I wish you well in recovery of your spirit and home.
Re: weather damage
Ed B - 11 months ago
Thanks, Liz,

Constantly finding more damage,. Destroyed at least 5 battery maintainers. One garage door opener has stopped working. Insurance company is not cooperating. Wants date and place of purchase of every failed item.

Re: weather damage
SMILIN - 11 months ago
sorry for all of the issues. glad that nobody was hurt!
Say to the insurance company that they could be considered to be acting in "bad faith"? See if your insurance policy has written requirements for item replacement.
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