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I don't know if I have ever heard about this, but my passenger side headlight is dim. I got a new bulb and replaced it but it was dim as well, so I thought I got a bad blub, so I returned to and got a new one, but that one is dim as well. I am now thinking something else is the issue. Has anyone (Pedro) heard of this before and hopefully it is a simple fix. TIA BTW it is a 2001 S.
Sounds like a ground issue.
If I correctly recall correctly the attachment of the 986 headlight unit:

Pull the headlight unit, squirt a bit of contact cleaner or WD40 into the electrical connector, both at the unit and the receptical inside the fender. Be sure the plug is home; also the whole unit snapped into place on its track. (Not sure why this last would have anything to do with continuity, but I recall my 986's units not lighting unless all the way in.)

If the problem is farther upstream, it could be wherever the grounding for that headlight unit (or both) is grounded to the chassis.
Given how dull our Halogen lights are, it's amazing that they can be even worse (assuming you have Halogen).

I feel your pain driving at night with even further impaired lighting.

I'm assuming you have H7 halogens in your car.
Probably what you describe as dim is just your parking light and not the low beam.
The parking light makes it seem like a dim bulb, but the low is probably dead.
Have you checked the fuse? Fuse A-9 is Low Beam, right side.
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thanks Pedro, I will check it. and do the contact cleaner.
sorry for not doing this sooner but the fuse was good and the cleaner made the light a little brighter. I guess it is some where in the line. confused smiley
Boxsterra - 4 months ago
The first step, as Pedro said, is to make sure that the headlight bulb is actually lit and you're not seeing the parking bulb, which is a dimmer bulb. After that...

The heat of the headlight can cause the power or ground wires to weaken and fray, resulting in reduced power or intermittent connections. I would pull out the light, pop off the back cap, and take a look at the wiring to see if there is a visible issue.

Another common problem (which usually results in flickering or the headlight not lighting) is that the mount for the electrical plug on the car side is not solid so if it gets bent at all then the headlight may not make a good connection. You can pull back the wheel well liner and hold the plug with one hand while pushing the headlight in to get a good connection. You can also lube the rubber surround on the plug so that it slides together better.
ok thanks for the tips I will check it out.
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