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After 25 years with the Litronic retrofit headlights in my 986, I finally had a bulb burn out. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the choices of new bulbs. Any recommendations? I’m happy to replace both at the same time. I rarely drive at night, so I’m not interested spending a fortune on them…<$150 a pair max. Something in the 4000K-5000K temp. And from a reputable US source. Looks like any D2S bulb will work??? Philips, Osram/Sylvania, other? Philips D2S WhiteVision Plus is my front-runner now…. Thanks for sharing any experiences.
Xenon bulbs are readily available but one must find the exact type you're replacing. Recommend replacing bulbs in both headlights for 2 reasons: if one has burned out, the other isn't far behind failing. Replacing both will assure they both have the same appearance regarding light color.

Wondering whether you sourced your conversion kit here from Pedro as I have done in Wolfi? If so, perhaps Pedro will have a recommendation for you. Pedro's kit has been a great upgrade for me that was easy & fun to convert & install, plus the performance has been excellent. I just visited Pedro's Garage site & didn't find the headlight conversion kit there; perhaps it's been discontinued?

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i got the kit from suncoast in 1999. best $1100(i think) ever smiling smiley

thanks. yes i plan to replace both. just wading thru the dozens of options. too many choices!
I have a 2003 S with Litronics low beam bulb --Philips DS2, H7, 55W.
I assume this would work, but have not tried it.
thanks, yes, that’s currently top of my list (link brings up a 35w model, which is oem for my lights)
Are you sure it's the bulb?
Have you tested the ballast?
Switch bulbs from side-to-side. That way you can tell if it's bulb or ballast.
With Xenon bulbs you need the exact replacement, so if it is the bulb, look at the specs printed on the base and replace with similar.
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thank you. testing the bulb is on the list for today, especially after reading posts about crispy/shorting wires
1) confirmed that it’s just the bulb. D2S 35W 85123
2) wiring looks amazing for 25 years old
3) i didn’t break anything during the L/R swap

now i just need to decide if i’m going to cheap-out or get the Philips extreme vision gen2 yadda yadda…
I got cheap bulbs
Boxsterra - 3 months ago
After having the Litronic retrofit bulbs for about 20 years one of them went out for me. I bought a cheap pair of replacements from Amazon for $22 and they were just as good as the old ones as far as I could tell (they were actually brighter than the remaining one but I attributed that to its age). So I bought another pair in case they didn't last. It has been 4 years and they're both still fine.
thanks for the report.

i just installed the pair of DMEX lights off of amazon…$30. new bulbs are 6000K so are a bit whiter, brightness seemed about the same.

i STILL haven’t broken anything on the old lights/connectors, but give me some more time as i plan to replace the black rubber trim around the headlights next. smiling smiley
Rubber trim
Boxsterra - 2 months ago
There's a part from McMaster Carr that can replace the headlight rubber trim. It has been on my list for years.

See here: [rennlist.com]
Re: Rubber trim
SMILIN - 2 months ago
thanks. i ordered a set from pelican a couple of years ago. i hope to get it installed in the next year or two. grinning smiley

“Headlight Sealing Rubber for 986 and 996(1997 Porsche Boxster Base Convertible)(m)”
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