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LED upgrade
Paralizer - 3 months ago
My trusty stead is in need of a headlight upgrade. I’ve read a number of articles about retrofitting LED upgrades. I currently have the bixenon lamps but am having trouble figuring out the appropriate led bulb to retrofit. Looking to the board to get an appropriate part recommendation. smileys with beer

Paralizer 06 Boxster S Atlas Grey/Black/Black
You need to do some research in your case.
The problem with LED bulbs on cars is that they don't generally have the same light pattern as standard halogen or xenon bulbs and replacing them may give you really bad illumination and/or could affect oncoming traffic which may make your car illegal at night.
Find out if anyone has done it (from xenon to LED) and what was their results.
It's easier for halogen to LED because the diodes are usually close to the filament's position.
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Re: LED upgrade
Paralizer - 3 months ago
Thanks Pedro

Paralizer 06 Boxster S Atlas Grey/Black/Black
to gain w/LED lights? Not sure it's worth it, but . . .

I found this conversion kit & hope it's representative of what's out there. Assuming you will want to convert high & low beam bulbs on both sides, the cost here would be $139.99 (25 watt bulbs, 35 watt & 45 watt available for more) X 2 = $279.98 before sales tax, free 2-day shipping, lifetime warranty. You can also replace your fog lights for LED for $139.99 each. From what I can tell, you won't require an added anti-flicker device, but don't take my word on this - check it out.
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