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Note that steps 1 & 3 are unnecessary

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1. Go to any photo hosting site, such as: TinyPic [tinypic.com] or [PhotoBucket.com] and set up an account. It's free.
2. Once you have an account, log on and go to the File line and click the Browse button and find the picture (on your computer) that you want to post and click on the picture.
3. If your pictures are large, you can automatically resize them by clicking on Resize near the bottom. We'd recommend 800X600
4. Click Upload Now on the TinyPic or PhotoBucket page
5. On TinyPic you'll have to type in the word shown in the graphic
6. Wait until the picture is uploaded (You'll see a thumbnail and/or a message on the right side of the screen when it's done.)
7. Now Copy the 2nd line (It reads "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards"winking smiley Here's one that has been uploaded which gives the result:

8. Paste that line into your message on PB
9. Click the Preview button at the bottom of the PB message to make sure you got it right before posting.

NOTE about Copy and Paste: Both of these are found under Edit near the top left of your screen (check the line that has File Edit View Favorites
You can add as many pictures as you want in this way. Just paste each link on a new line in your message text

It sounds a bit complicated, but it gets really easy when you do it a couple of times.
It helps if you have two tabs or windows open in your Web Browser.

One at you message in PB and the other at the photo hosting site.
That way you can just switch back and forth for copying and pasting multiple pictures into your message on PB.

Our thanks to Guenter (CURVEN8R) for writing these instructions.
1) You don't need an account to upload photos
3) PB software automatically resizes photos

Also, the
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