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Concerning quotes and copyrights
Laz - Friday, 11 March, 2011, at 9:27:38 pm
Most quotes I use are from famous people or are otherwise well-known, at least in some circles. (Eg: quotes from movies or adages by philosophers.) Now that the discussion of copyright infringement has come to the fore, aside from it already being in the rules, I'm wondering how to determine what's in the public domain or otherwise legally exempt.
You can ...
Pedro (Odessa, FL) - Friday, 11 March, 2011, at 10:21:48 pm
... include a quote (I do at the bottom of my signature).
That's not copyright infringement.
What you cannot do is cut and paste copyrighted material (someone else's intellectual or artistic property) on this or any other website or publication.
You can make a reference to an article or publication, you can even paraphrase it, but you cannot duplicate it.
Also, make sure that the images you use are yours, including your avatar otherwise we will have to remove them.
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Thanks, Pedro...
Laz - Saturday, 12 March, 2011, at 10:04:41 am
Do you think it's gonna be tricky concerning posting links to sites that might illegally be using copyrighted material?
It seems odd, too, that signatures can be ok. Does proper attribution make the difference?

By the way, do you know the difference between unlawful and illegal?

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