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I just came across this Handee Clamp and I can't help but think this would be the cats ass for doing an AOS swap. I put and order in for one, and I can think of about a dozen times I would have love to have it in my toolbox. Hopefully I will remember it is there the next time I need a set of hands.
What do you guys think - not affiliated in any way to be honest, just can see it would be a benefit for those hard to reach spots
handee tool review
This looks OK but being a long, straight piece of metal is quite limiting to what it can access. The screw mechanism looks tedious.

Do a web search for "remote hose clamp tool" and the main items that come up look like what I have. It works really well.
The thing that grabs the clamp tabs is at the end of a cable so it can reach anywhere. The squeeze handle compresses or releases the clamp tabs easily. Works great.



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I agree and bought one of these from Pelican when I did my AOS. But, and if you look at the video they cover this, it gets 'bendy' and the other tool is more of a straight lever as you said. both have their place. I can also see how simply holding a nut etc would be valuable with the handee. I'm going to give it a try for sure
They were indispensable doing the AOS.

I wish the clamping area was a ltttle smaller - to get into tighter spots. However that would limit its utility on larger clamps.
I have had no trouble using hose clamp pliers without the cable extension to change the AOS. I find the floppy extension wire awkward. It's also noting that the angle of approach for the tool without the extension is 90° off (you approach the clamp straight on, as opposed to on the side), which I personally find easier to manipulate in the tight space.

Mine aren't this exact model but they're essentially the same:

Handy? Fingery?


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... get the METRIC version.

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I have...
Laz - 1 year ago
... one of each.
Handy? Fingery?


I saw a guy do that online (probably Youtube) but used a simple latex glove and had small magnet that you just slip into the finger and voila! Was a good idea for getting those pesky 10mm that fall away
Screwdriver with claw. There are various designs.

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