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I thought I would break this out into a new thread.

My $16 ODB2 reader won't clear airbag light errors on my 2000 base 986.

What's the cheapest ODB2 reader which will clear these errors from the Boxster? I'm never going to be doing actual engine work, so I really don't need to know that valve 6 of the flux capacitor is running out of spec (a flashing CEL will tell me that).
the Autel 629 seems to fit the bill at $97, but I'm hoping for 1/2 that on something I'll use twice in the next decade.

There aren't that many that can clear airbag or seatbelt warning lights.
Certainly not the $40 ones.
There are many that advertise they clear them and really don't.
Be cautious because if you get a cheapo reader that writes code it can screw up the whole system.
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Thanks for the response.

The Autel MD802 and AL629 both (supposedly) work according to other posts elsewhere.

I'm just not crazy about paying $100 for a (hopefully) 1 use device. It's like buying a specialized egg poaching pan for the one time your third cousin is coming over when everyone in the immediate family has an egg allergy. That's a joking analogy. I poach my eggs the old fashioned way in a pot with 4 inches of water and a shot of white vinegar!

I have found having a good reader is a good investment, one that can not only read & manage codes on one's Boxster, but also on other vehicles as well. Such a reader will be used & appreciated more than once.
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