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I thought you replaced the actuators

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Forever CEL
vza - 5 months ago
99 Boxster Base...After new Bank 2 solenoid/MAF/AOS/Battery/Plugs/Actuator Ramps both banks,I'm right where I started CEL P1539 and some misfire codes here and there...Brought  to indie....said bent valves/actuator or timing....bailed on me....car is now at another indie. Any thoughts....car actually runs and sounds well with a little lacking in pickup. Any thoughts??
P1539 Camshaft Adjustment, Bank 2

1. Check B+ supply of actuator
2. Check triggering wire for continuity
3. Replace actuator

Hopefully the tech went through steps 1 & 2 before doing 3.

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He said actuator was getting power but would not activate or move when triggered w PIWIS I'm assuming its the actuator. V
ok...so if the actuator's getting power as the indie said it's definitely the actuator correct? What's the procedure for checking for 12v and triggering wire?
If that's the case there's a low likelihood the problem is the actuator. Checking 12v is simply putting a volt meter on the 12v pin and ground and measuring the voltage. But there could be an intermittent ground or discontinuity. With the volt meter connected, wiggle all of the wires, check the electrical plugs to make sure they're all snug. If the 12v signal is unwavering, you will need to drive the car with a device that can monitor the 12v signal.
Boxsterra - 5 months ago
I'm assuming you have no other codes. This type of code is meaningless unless other related codes have first been resolved.
Re: Forever CEL
vza - 5 months ago
Just an update ...found a fried transistor in the DME, going to replace it and see if thats the problem.
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