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...and will be through ClubRegistration.net. There is already lots of interest, so this is going to be another great year for the event.

Last year, we had over 200 attendees and are looking forward to at least the same numbers this year. One very important change to note - we will shut off registration when we reach 100 cars. Over that amount, the drive groups become unmanageable. Your safety and enjoyment of the event are of prime importance to the organizers. Speaking of safety, the following needs to be completely understood by all participants - Boxstoberfest is not a race, nor a venue to drive as fast as you want and endanger other participants, your passengers, nor the public. We enjoy a spirited drive on public roads, and have a very good time doing so. If your intent is for an all out ride pressing the envelope of your vehicle, this is not the place. There are multiple events within all the regions to do this in a safe and controller manner. Rule 1 is NO PASSING. Break this rule, and you will forever be banned. Regardless, all who have attended in the past can attest that the twisties can still be challenging and VERY exciting.

As a summary, here are some of the details of the event.

1. We are adding 2 new event for Friday early attendees - (1) A chance to run the regular driving route early. Arrive at the Hangar Hotel prior to 1:00 pm Friday Sept 5, check in and sign the waivers, and pick up the official drive map. Then, you are free to drive the entire course - which opens up your Saturday to run it again, or participate in one of the other drives. (2) A wine tour. We will visit 2 wineries, with a lunch stop in the middle.

2. We have also added a "Sunrise Drive" set to depart at 7:00 am Saturday morning. Details are still being worked out, but the route will most likely be an abbreviated version of the regular course, without a defined stop in the middle.

3. Once again - Boxstoberfest central is the Hangar Hotel. In fact, we have the entire Hangar Hotel blocked for the whole weekend - all rooms, and conference facilities. For those who have attended previous Boxstoberfest events, this is the hotel at the airport where we do the Saturday morning line-up and drive staging. The rooms at the Hangar Hotel are absolutely fabulous, and we have a great room rate. We also have special rates at the Fredericksburg Inn, as we have had in the past. *Note* Even though Boxstoberfest registration is just now opening, a lot of attendees last year booked their rooms as they checked out last year. As such, all the rooms are full and there is a wait list. There are plenty of rooms at the Fredericksburg Inn as well as other local hotels (there is a brand new Holiday Inn Express, with what I hear has a fantastic pool, the Hampton Inn, and lots of B&B's).

4. Our Saturday evening event will be at the Pacific Showroom, on the Hangar Hotel property. The Showroom is a fabulous venue, and we have a great dinner planned in this wonderful facility.

5. All registration and check-in will be done at the Hangar Hotel, as was done last year.

6. This year, there is a $30 per person registration fee. Why the increase you ask???? Well, this year we decided that each registrant will automatically receive a Boxstoberfest T-Shirt, as well as a surprise gift. We will have a limited quantity of additional shirts for purchase at the event, however there will be no Polo shirts offered.

7. In the past, there were 3 distinct driving events offered on Saturday - the long drive which is a follow the leader type event, the scenic drive which is a mapped event driven at your own pace, and the gimmick rally. We are dropping the gimmick rally, as interest has gone down in recent years. We are also adding a lead driver to the scenic route.

8. When registering, you have the option to "Opt In" to receive text messages. If you turn this option on, you will receive periodic messages prior to the event. During the event, your drive leaders and organizers have the ability to send up to date information immediately (but please let your co-drive read/reply to these - remember, Safety First).

All the details, and the link to the registration site are at www.boxstoberfest.com. You must register for the event to attend (you can’t just show up), and pay the registration fee and event options fees (dinner, lunch, additional shirts). Hotel registrations are done by booking directly with the hotels - the event registration site does not book your hotel room.

If you have any questions (or want to volunteer for anything - we need drive leaders, parking coordinators, and drive launch helpers), please feel free to send an email to shassere@gmail.com

p.s. We have arranged the inside hangar area for the entire event to be open. We are trying to arrange for a dealer to bring some new models for display, and have space for vendor displays. If you have a relevant business (or know someone who does), and are interested in putting up a display, please contact me (Michael Shassere)


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"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
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