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Friday scan day
SMILIN - 1 year ago
may your weekend be spent IN FRONT OF the trailer!

i certainly would have appreciated a more polished hub cap…so my little tiny blurry car reflection would have looked little tiny blurry and shinny!
Took this snap at a recent Porsche Cars & Coffee event ... and ... how about that excellent orange PBX hat eh!

A few of us headed out to the PCA Upper Canada Region picnic last weekend. Despite forecast for rain, it turned out to be a perfect Boxster day.

We took a drive along some of my favourite Porsche Roads and stopped along the Niagara Parkway for a picnic lunch with the river on one side and vineyards on the other. Nice and warm today. Hit 32 C - 90 F. And Mother Nature even provided us with a free car wash on the way home. Par for the course this year, it seems.

Always fun to just keep going with top down in rain. Confuses other drivers.
This one was dark clouds and a deluge. Even having the side windows up doesn't help much as it starts coming in over top and the sides. I don't like getting the interior wet.
You are correct that water can come around the windows even when up. But most goes behind the roll bars.

I typically look for a good overpass to stop and put the roof up. There is usually one within about 5 miles or so.
On a city or country road, I would likely raise the roof as early as convenient. I set up the "close roof without stopping hack" But I kept the ebrake interlock as a safety.
I have raised the roof at +/- 35mph, but that was more than a little sketchy. I generally want to be under 25 or so. Works great in traffic or at a light.

Indeed I have used it when the sun becomes oppressive. 90F in bumper to bumper is no fun with the roof down.

Great looking hot dog cooling down picture.
Got in a nice drive this past weekend. Some things are hard to resist.

Re: Triple sweet
SMILIN - 11 months ago
your car looks great. and everything chocolate is just…straight up smart! smileys with beer
SMILIN - 11 months ago
i’ve been digitizing old photo albums and came across this 25 year old picture of the car that inspired first my 986, then my white spyder. this car bounced around my family for 30 years, first owned by my grandparents, then with me and my siblings each driving it for a few years, and mom and dad commuting with it. i still prefer the rounded fenders of the 986 to the lines of the 718…just like the ghia.

This is a picture of my 1968 Karmann Ghia, taken on a trip to Florida. I wish that I could have kept it. It was always my favourite car. But, life gets in the way. Then much late I was able to purchase the Boxster

Here are a couple of pictures that I took on our California trip in 2009 in Sedona, showing some of the DNA that the Ghia and Boxster share.

very nice. i love that last picture! ours was a ‘68 also. as you say, life happens, and we sold it. i live in the foothills with two significant climbs and mostly freeway driving to get home from work. lack of head rests and shoulder belts and airbags and 30 years of other safety improvements scared me, and the car didn’t exactly move up those hills. smiling smiley
I know what you mean about the power. 40 HP doesn't exactly knock your socks off. I look at my Boxster as a KG on steroids. smiling smiley

My '68 had headrests (built as part of the seat - like the Boxster's) and also had shoulder belts. Maybe Canadian models required them before the US version?
looks like we had the same seats. i’ll correct my statement to say low, ineffective headrests. at 6 feet tall, i envisioned my head snapping off in an accident yawning smiley
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